Self Tape at Cast In Hollywood

We can help put you on tape for remote casting.  Send casting directors a professional looking self tape with good lighting and audio for your submissions.

(Time includes recording  and Post Production)

Self Tape

The CSM (Central Station Media) Advantage

Free Parking.  Last minute bookings available.  High end production.  Multiple takes (within reason).  Upload your digital file via Hightail.  Email link to you and your casting director. Video in a format that can easily be uploaded to Actors Access & LA Casting and YouTube or Vimeo. And of course a comfortable environment to allow you to concentrate on your performance.

Includes a reader if needed. Makeup and Hair is extra. We have a makeup room that is free to use if available. If you need a makeup artist, we can refer you to one.

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Every Actor Needs a Demo Reel

Showcase your talent : Film Your Reel will script scenes written specifically for you. We script, direct and produce your scene.

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